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I’m a content writer.


I work with agencies and clients mostly in business, finance and technology, but I do write about other stuff. For example, I’m currently writing for a multi-asset investment platform, a healthcare service, a real estate agency, a life insurance provider, an insuretech startup, a coworking space, a food blog, etc. I write about pretty much everything. 

I’m also a native Chinese translator.

I translate mostly business and technical contents from blockchain whitepapers to financial reports and legal documents, but I do take on other fun projects such as translating mobile games and film subtitles. I helped localise Spotify's marketing campaign for Hong Kong and KPMG's social media contents into Chinese. I have also translated Deloitte Hong Kong's internal mobile game into English.

The more professional side of me...

Janice Au, BA, MBA, LLM


I have over ten years of industry experience in language services and translation. I began building my financial expertise in the business valuation and corporate services sector before making the transition to financial market data and credit ratings. Before founding Contextual, I worked for two of the largest global data providers - Fitch Ratings and Interactive Data, whose parent company also operates the New York Stock Exchange. 

As a native Chinese translator, I provide mainly financial, legal and technical translation services, covering financial reports, legal agreements and all types of technical documents including Initial Coin Offering (ICO) white papers. 


I am also a bilingual content writer working with agencies and clients to create original content for websites and blogs. Most of my articles are published by international brands seeking to establish a presence in Asia.


I translate between English and Chinese and write in both languages for platforms not only in Asia but across the globe; namely cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, multi-asset trading platform eToro, cloud-based fintech provider Intralinks, blockchain-powered data analytics platform DATAVLT, as well as other clients in healthcare, travel, real estate and insurance. I have also been involved in the localisation campaign of global brands like music-streaming service Spotify. 


I have a bachelor degree in English Literature and Linguistics, a Master of Business Administration degree, and a Master of Laws degree in International Banking and Finance Law.

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